Apr 26, 2016

Twitter v2 & Updates

Sorted out my Twitter @ name, got some stuff up... follow me for a lot of complaining, and the occasional traditional sketches, nature pics, and Duri. (I also tweet Jojo every now and then too.) 
With this, I won't be making an Instagram and [hope to] trim down posting some pics / tidbit text entries on here and transition back to an "art" blog. No promises.

Otherwise, it'll be summer again after 10 days, 7 exams. 
I get an urge to write stories and whatnot (mostly escape to fiction at a futile attempt in avoiding reality - actually have a draft of such a series in progress) during summertime, but I'm first and foremost seeking to catch up and get ahead with studying. 
Oddly, I'm actually enjoying nursing the more I get into it... assuming I don't fuck up out of the program. (⊙ ͟ʖ⊙) ofc it's a lot of anxiety and difficulty, but doing clinicals kind of hit home how rewarding it can get and how much I don't know, as well. 
Uh, for now though, I've figured out what I don't want to ever do - OB and peds. I typically find myself too neutral, but at least now I've picked out what I truly dislike and have no interest in. 
I suppose I'm the type of person to expend [foolishly] a lot of energy into things I enjoy, and very little in what I don't. Hurrah to self-discovery idk  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm starting to get a strong desire to paint again, and plan to seize that very soon! 
Got a few ideas queued up or roughly imagined, hope I'm not too out of shape. Another rewarding thing of being in a program with students who have previous degrees is that feeling of fuck-it-maturity everyone has. Life's short, do what you want, who cares. I appreciate that atmosphere, and am slowly growing out of my self-consciousness. Anyway, the point of that spiel is, I feel a little more accepting of my incompetence. Not approving, but at least I'm admitting the problem. ┐(‘~`;)┌

Though upon that note, I feel p far behind everyone in terms of pure experience. Living at home with micromanaging parents and a teenager isn't quite contributing to anything other than annoyance and the suffocation I've suffered through high school. I've been dreaming of a future that's starting to take more form as I go through this program, mostly of where I'll start working, where I'll move out to hallefuckinglujah, how I'll be as a person left to my own devices. Will I keep managing this blog? Will I even have time for it?? lol, trivial matters also happen to surface. 

But first things first, hell week and exams. And with the nature of this program, summer courses as well. 
Really looking forward to maybe going to a beach too...