Jan 19, 2016

Bleach: Brave Souls / LoveLive

I think I owe my blog viewers an explanation as to why no new content during break.
quite frankly I spent the free time of break in bed playing games I'll be honest
BUT in lieu of art/Vocaloid/cooking/etc. updates, I'll reveal highly confidential team make up of the apps I've been polishing.

I run iOS, a 5C and a Mini 2. 
tbh I only play two main apps, Bleach Brave Souls and...LoveLive (guilty.jpg).
Both are on the Jpn servers.

Left account is my main & on the 5C, started 2 weeks after launch of the game. Terrible luck on rolling for characters tbh but built a respectable repertoire.
Right account is fairly new, the one I chose to settle on early this year on the Mini 2. Got lucky for a while but it seems to have broken.
Currently trying to roll some 5* that can fill Orihime's and Shinji's spot (with a green and blue/red attribute, respectfully).

LoveLive account (5C only) has a much more impressive prestige.

I was under the pure curse for a while but that recently broke with a UR Honoka draw who's currently leading my smile team to victory.

Currently working on leveling up some more SRs, esp to beef up the cool team.

I'm thankful I still have time to collect login bonuses every day (lol)