Nov 27, 2015

Log 09-11

It's kinda unreal how fast time goes by esp when you're busy.
I've taken a look through of my older journal logs and man I had life back in the day
I'm certainly living up to my 2015 goals of being reckless.

In the ~3 months of being in this nursing program, I didn't know it was possible to feel this stupid lol
there's also a lot more studying to do that I sincerely underestimated, so that's most of winter break.
boy if u thought I worried too much back then let me fucking tell you now--
I should've announced hiatus on my YT channel before my summer break ended, though I'm hoping to get a song or two covered during winter.
or get a job but w/e right

idk I had a point with this journal entry but it's mostly an update to let anyone know I'm still alive, still into doing color art (which time hasn't allowed me much to do), etc.

Anyway I'm planning / tossing over the idea of starting an instagram account since I take a lot of random pics.
I'll announce it properly when I get things rolling.

In terms of art, I've kind of come to terms with the fact that I won't be an artist. It's kind of freeing not to feel shit about everything I can't draw, though it's not completely gone.
It's pretty much a relief to get that art baggage off my shoulders and enjoy it as a hobby.

I'll post more when winter break starts.
For once I'm getting my ass in gear for finals.