Nov 7, 2015

11.7.15 character sketch

long story short some "character" drafts (Taizo n Dokuse) for a standalone pic I'm working on.

"Taizo": A thief of the streets who accidentally murdered a high-ranking officer. Ridden with guilt, he decides to turn himself in--only after a night of debauchery. Wearing the clothes of the dead officer, he is granted access to a military party. There, he is enchanted by a prostitute that sways his heart from justice.
UTAU by Panpaninii

"Dokuse": A popular dancer / prostitute who is often rented to the upper class for entertainment. Noting the impostor's coat rank, she reciprocates his advances. Unaware of his dilemma, she courts him in an attempt to escape prostitution and become a kept lover. But if the truth comes out, does she have the resolve to put aside her dream for righteousness?
UTAU by Shiramiremii

Commander "Kaito": A close correspondence of the deceased officer. He slowly begins to pick up on the differences between the officer he's known through writing and his "real-life self." He also begins to develop feelings for the prostitute, but can't tear her eyes away from the "officer." Unable to ignore the nagging discrepancy and fueled by desire, he resolves to expose the impostor and claim the prostitute.