Jul 31, 2015

Win10 and

Due to a lot of fucking stupidity in hindsight, I now have Windows 10 but with none of my previous programs:
>PC was set to Japanese locale to run UTAU
>Updated to Windows 10 but couldn't read the fucking text asking if I wanted to keep all files and programs
>Installed and started to explore Win10

Two days and a mild breakdown later I'm almost 90% in restoring my programs
which is I guess a blessing in disguise now that I've gotten the reason to start cleaning my files and stuff but
I lost all my Chrome bookmarks for some reason so farefuckingwell everything

anyway I'm still in the limbo of reorganizing / cleaning / re-establishing my PC so please be patient for a while longer sorry (☉ะด⊙)
maybe in the meantime I'll post pictures
maybe the rest of the Europe trip jfc