Apr 8, 2015

Clow Cards 2015 Kodansha Reprint review


I bought the 2015 Reprint version of the Clow Cards.
The front and back are kind of a shiny reflective materal, it was a little hard to capture the true colors without warp.

The cards themselves are made of matte material.
They're packaged into a card case and into the book.

Damn the details are crisp and deep, it's gorgeous.

The back crest has a nice gradient of color to them too.

Oh, the book itself has page-like patterns along the sides to resemble an actual book.

Some quick comparisons.

It's almost an insult to compare the two now that I look at them up close lol

The reprint versions are slightly taller and naturally heavier.
They feel smoother than the Sakura cards and also slightly thicker.

My camera can't really capture the true aspect of these cards, but if you zoom in full size it should help.