Apr 4, 2015

Clow card reading

In the light of April, I got a lot of exciting developments.
like, life changing major related developments, I've been accepted into the accelerated nursing program at my current uni.

Naturally I'm hella anxious and excited, and I happened to have some free time, so I decided to do a Clow card reading for the hell of it.

The question: Now that I've been accepted, is this really the right choice? Is this what I want to do for my life? pretty much petty anxieties lol
After shuffling, the arrangement:

1. Subject of matter
2. Cause of matter
3. Past problems of matter
4. Surrounding circumstances of matter
5. Solution to matter
6. Keyword of solving matter
7. Obstacle when solving matter
8. Future of matter
9. Result of matter
10. How others may view matter

And following, the abridged version of the interpretations.
1. The Mist - review the situation and quit being indecisive. Calm down, look at all perspectives.
2. The Snow - don't get so caught up in the past. Change how you view / interact with the world.
3. The Mirror - through others' behavior, your own pros / cons can be found.
4. The Windy - it's time of change, so make cautious decisions and observe.
5. The Glow - there's good fortune, just prepare yourself.
6. The Shield - even in crisis, there are people supporting you.
7. The Rain - unfortunate events can be lessons, and painful experiences are temporary.
8. The Silent - play your role properly, even if things get desperately repetitive. There's always someone to help.
9. The Song - it'll become possible to express what you wish. Share your happiness.
10. The Shadow - don't avoid unpleasant things, and instead face it head on to see it.

I don't know what to say, but this is overall my third reading since buying the cards. Each of the three times have more or less been accurate, but I don't know if it's because of my subjective view.
Anyway, I think this reading helped(?).