Mar 28, 2015

Cardcaptor Sakura - Sakura Cards review

I'm turning into a collector...
I bought the bootleg version of the Sakura cards. They're pretty sturdy, made with cardboard material. Heavier than the Clow cards set.

Here I highlight some cards with notable faults, be it in the art or spelling, that you can double-check to see if yours is authentic (also they shouldn't have the numbers on them below but w/e):

The Float - the strings on the right-hand side are filled in instead

The Maze - the entire maze should be gold-colored

The Shadow - the shaded part isn't completely black and the cloth shouldn't fold over to the right (instead should be ending at center)

The Voice - misspelled lol

The Freeze - the art is a bit off, right where the dorsal fin meets the body should be covered by the star up top

The Fight - her legs shouldn't end at the bottom star

The Earthy - another misspelling

back of card should be white background instead of a pinker background