Mar 8, 2015

Buns and Bears - R18, household AU, lesbian, bun, bear, domestic AU, warning lemon, mature language

After getting that Sylvanian kit, Ejo and I joked a bit and I wrote her a steamy story with "the two wives being insanely hot lesbians together and the dad wanting a threesome" but the threesome never happened.
Enjoy a blast into 2005 motherfuckers

Mr. Bun met with Ms. Bun at an arranged marriage between the two Bun families to swear allegiance for peace. So Ms. Bun after her emotional turmoil by the two families' war agreed immediately to Mr. Bun's side of the offer.

Naturally while being well off, the two newly wed Buns bought a house immediately (picture like 1950s or something where houses were like $20) and placed an ad for any house help for their upcoming twins. 

Ms. Bear, formerly Mrs. Bear, was a struggling single mother of two when her alcoholic husband left her for the local town hippie just 2 days before the birth of her youngest. In hopes of a better life, Ms. Bear left her past behind and moved to the infamous Rabu town where the two largest families recently sought peace and settled down their differences.

Ms. Bear had no luck finding decent jobs that could pay her bills; in desperation, she sought out every possible opening and happened to pick up Mr. and the now Mrs. Bun's search for help. Well-versed in house chores with two kids of her own, Ms. Bear went to the interview immediately. 

Mrs. Bun had no chance - she was struck by Ms. Bear's kawaii desu ne sugoi ass and her stellar performance in her dish washing admission test. Furthermore, the strain of raising twins as her first children left her distanced from her husband, leaving Mrs. Bun high and dry and desperate. Without further ado, Ms. Bear was hired immediately. When will I start and what time should I report, questioned the elated Ms. Bear. 

"Oh no," said Mr. Bun.
"You'll be living with us, and we hope to have your continuous help."

Mrs. Bun hoped that Ms. Bear would become a good friend, and more.

Ms. Bear and her two children immediately moved in with the Buns. The older Bun twins and the older Bear sibling hit off splendidly, and the three were delighted to play with the youngest Bear. Relieved, Ms. Bear devoted her duties to being a loyal hell of a maid.

In the days following, Ms. Bear and Mrs. Bun grew closer together, the former teaching the latter on the intricacies of bleach and detergent, lard and butter, and the nooks and crannies of their kitchen spice cabinet. Mrs. Bun couldn't help the doki doki feeling near Ms. Bear during these encounters; in the meanwhile, Ms. Bear was just happy to have friends that weren't husband-stealing double-crossing bitches. She tried not to think too hard on sometimes wanting to touch Mrs. Bun's buns.

During the days Mr. Bun was away earning his salary to support 7 other people, Mrs. Bun spent her time chattering with Ms. Bear while folding laundry or vacuuming. Mrs. Bun planned her move wisely, and slowly began to reel in Ms. Bear with her charms. Soon, it got to the point where Mrs. Bun would wear such risque outfits while baking or accidentally splashing herself with dish water in a white shirt with no bra when Ms. Bear and she were in the kitchen. 

"M-Mrs. Bun!! Please!" said Ms. Bear on one of such days.
"I want you now!" said Mrs. Bun, ripping off her wet white shirt with no bra.
"Let's do hot porno fuck sex while my husband is out!" said Mrs. Bun. 

Mr. Bun returned home that night to a very awkward dinner. Ms. Bear and Mrs. Bun would exchange glances and the children threw their vegetables behind the radiator. Furthermore, he had just been announced for promotion in the following month - this meant more responsibilities and more time away from home in exchange for capital growth. 

That night, in lieu of romantic pillow talk that would have Mrs. Bun swooning, Mr. Bun approached the topic of his whopping 21% increase in annual salary. He was worried for the twins and maybe how he was distancing himself from his lovely wife and twins. 

However, Mrs. Bun saw this as the perfect chance. She encouraged him with honeyed words and assurance that she will be just fine with his greater money and less time - after all, she had Mrs. Bear, didn't she?

Relieved and thankful, Mr. Bun resolved to accept his promotion and work harder than ever to satisfy his craving wife. Mrs. Bun kissed Mr. Bun good night before excusing herself for a glass of water as she did so often before bed, coincidentally at the same time Ms. Bear would want a glass of water too.

Mrs. Bun met with Ms. Bear in the kitchen. Both with heated faces and fluttering lashes, talked about their secret future together - with Mr. Bun out of the house more often after his promotion, they were free to labu labu and maybe even go on dates in the guise of picnics for the children.

With this new love affair hidden under the rug, Ms. Bear and Mrs. Bun spent their home-alone times with much productivity. Even the tired Mr. Bun noticed how much more organized the house was, or how cleaner the laundry was. Even the food Mrs. Bun burned so often was turning more and more into 3-star hotel meals.

However, their love tryst was to soon be discovered. Mr. Bun was late to work one day, and as a result had left his delicious lunch Mrs. Bun crafted every morning. Upon doubling back, he heard suspicious noises and decided to creep into the kitchen where he found Mrs. Bun and Ms. Bear bent over a large bowl.

"Churn it harder!" cried Mrs. Bun as she scraped the floating butter bits from the bowl.
"There's so much!" moaned Ms. Bear as she poured off the remaining buttermilk into a large jar.
"I'm going to eat you up!" said Mrs. Bun as she smeared the new butter over her freshly toasted bread.

Mr. Bun was flabbergasted. There was no way his beloved wife, Mrs. Bun, was cheating on him with Ms. Bear! Still, he was late for work, so he rushed back without another word. 

That night, Mr. Bun decided to bring up the delicate conversation. Mrs. Bun turned pallor as she realized that her husband was slowly beginning to suspect. She knew she had to end one relationship, but she knew the fragile peace between her family and Mr. Bun's would dissolve with a divorce - but emotionally, she was too far in love with Ms. Bear to ever dream of breaking up with her. 

Mrs. Bun was in tears the next day as she wept into Ms. Bear's open bosom. She was at a loss, and her delicate heart was torn. The twins weren't enough of an excuse to keep Mr. Bun with her, and she couldn't bear of losing Ms. Bear.

"I know a way," said Ms. Bear, her voice resolute.
"What is it? Will we continue our forbidden relationship?" Mrs. Bun's face streamed with falling tears.
"You will have to tie Mr. Bun to you! Mrs. Bun, you have to make another child with Mr. Bun, and he will never leave you for the child's sake!"
"Oh! You're a genius, Ms. Bear! I'll do exactly that!" Mrs. Bun perked up immediately and chu-ed Ms. Bear.
"Now, wipe your tears," said Ms. Bear as she began to slowly butter Mrs. Bun's toast.
"Ohhh, Ms. Bear! Not here!" cried Mrs. Bun as the savory goodness seeped into the warm bread.
"I'll butter your bread every morning, Mrs. Bun!" cried Ms. Bear as she added a pinch of pepper to taste.
"Please, call me by my first name - Bun." Mrs. Bun pulled her bun down in a swift motion, seductively placing her toast on her breakfast plate.

Mr. Bun was in for a surprise that night. Mrs. Bun never buttered his toast in the mornings, instead having him eat it on his way out like an animu schoolgirl. But tonight, his midnight snack was a special surprise. 

"I'll butter your toast all night, honey!" said Mrs. Bun as she pulled out the bread and toaster.

A month later, Mrs. Bun gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. With her, Mr. Bun was now tied to his family, and his savings and his D belonged to his waifu.

With the new baby, Mrs. Bun and Ms. Bear were free to do as they wished, and Mr. Bun was legally bound. Ms. Bear and Mrs. Bun relished in their newfound freedom and ravaged Mr. Bun's savings. 
With his hard work, he was promoted again and again until he was only home to sleep in his empty bed, now that Mrs. Bun slept in the guest room with Ms. Bear.

Mr. Bun was unable to deal with the stress, and he was reduced to a mere cash cow by his wife's rampant love for the maid. If I never hired her, or if I never married her were constant thoughts in the man's mind. Furthermore, his children grew further and further away from him, disdain passing over their memories of their constantly absent father.

Mr. Bun comforted his sorrows in the cold bathtub with his cheap bath bomb gift from his coworkers. Today is my birthday, he thought. He pulled out his new UPhone and snapped nude selfies in hopes of attracting a, no, any, lonely widows. He was downvoted so many times that he could no longer tell whether his heart or the blue lilac glitter sparkle bathwater was colder.

Downstairs, he could hear the rampant moaning of Ms. Bear and Mrs. Bun. The dank stench of weed and the fine white dust of drugs puffing from the vents reminded him of his shattered family.

Without his knowledge, the twins grew to be a formidable mafia gang. His youngest was now selling cheese scraps in hopes of funding for her second abortion. The oldest Bear was insanely addicted to drugs by her no-good boyfriend and the youngest Bear would seldom show her face sober.

He broke down in tears as his sparkling bathwater glittered against his broken kokoro.