Jan 9, 2015

Kracie Cake kit

I made the Kracie cake kit today. I went to Jungle Jims a while back and bought 2 kits, I'll be reviewing the other one later.

You had to microwave the breads for this kit, and I think I microwaved the big one for too long... I did them both for 60 sec as said, but somehow the bigger one turned hard and overbaked.

There was enough of the jelly for the strawberry molds that I filled a clam and a clione from the marine kit I saved.
(and a cricket from this kit lol)

and look at that perfect icing man I don't work in a bakery for nothin

Taking a bite...
it was really good, the icing wasn't as sweet as conventional icing, thank god

The beady decoration candies were good, kind of like sugar candies (green & yellow) and chocolate.
Don't eat them all at once though it tastes really strange

otherwise the bread on the bottom was hard to cut through but overall I had fun