Jan 1, 2015


Happy New Year!

To start off, sorry for the late post, I'm still a bit hung over.
Looking back on 2014...
I was pretty angst
I went to a party on the 31st, and I guess I kind of realized a bit more about myself. 
First I should get out more lol
and maybe make some friends, be more social, and stop developing into a shut-in, etc.
Point is, I think I've wasted a good portion of 2014 feeling reclusive and complaining a lot lol
and I wasted a lot of time online doing nothing 

so how y'all be dealing with my shit I don't know but thank u
but mostly for 2015+ I want to do more things in life, explore some more, and spend more time doing what I enjoy without the anxiety of the future or other things I'm putting off
also get a rich lover

I'll have a yearly comprehensive list in a bit.
Thank you for your support, and please take care of me for this year too.