Jan 1, 2015

2014 Review

Da big review
so continuing with the tradition...

☒☑ Further improve original composition in scenery and perspective
☒ Develop colour harmony and understanding in general
☑ Innovative and dynamic posing with human characters
☑ Improve VOCALOID tuning
☒ time management / diligence improvement
☒ Improve fitness
☑ Garner more attention
☒☑ fuck bitches get money
? Don't fuck up

For 2015:

☐ quit wasting your life and take initiative
☐ go out to places & see shit
☐ literally get fit jfc
☐ time discipline
☐ stop pushing things aside and face them head on
☐ fuck up, quit being a pussy, get back up and fuck it up even more
☐ tune VOCALOID even more
☐ draw what you want, paint what you want

this year's list is more of a persona and life thing, and it'll apply to art and music.
lol this list is me in a rebellious phase °٢°