Nov 17, 2014

Columbus trip

I left around 8:30 AM due to snow and arrived around ~10 AM.

After waking my friend who I was to be crashing with (also previous roommate), we decided to buy sushi for brunch until we saw oden and decided on hot pot.

It's a good mix of oden, bok choi, and udon with a Chinese chili oil broth.
We ended up saving the rest for breakfast.

On a series of risky behaviour 0/10 would not recommend
I took some pics as I was driving back.
U can kind of see I'm going off the lane a bit

Sunday / Monday also so happened to be the first snowfall, so I was a bit iffy on leaving early.

Anyway I went straight to my campus and managed to go to my second class and turns out it was a review and I drove an extra 20 min for nothing