Oct 27, 2014

Reminiscence & pause

Nostalgically looking through my blog and finding all those food recipes
I think the things I miss most about living away from parents is freedom lol typical answer

I dunno, I think freedom to fuck up and attempt is important for any person to learn. I've grown up in a cage all my life, leading to a crippled adult who knows nothing; so the only logical conclusion is failure.

The current 'me' is reverting back to how I was in high school...
Though objectively, circumstances are exactly the same, struggling academically while being led around like a goddamn sheep.
Well, when homicide or suicide were the only things you think about during hs, it's no surprise how now is a pretty shit time.
though throwing in work and more academic pressure, I'm too tired to think about anything really

Anyway, some dark throwbacks aside, I'll be posting a short pause until I get some shit out of my way.
As the way I am now, I don't even want to do art anymore or anything.