Sep 6, 2014

September so far

It's been a week without any news, really sorry about that.
On the times I haven't been busy, I've been wasting time...
work and classes and procrastination and lack of motivation for art is turning into a shitstorm mess rn
I'm not feeling the drive to even bother with VOCALOID or art, I don't really see the point in it, and it's not like I give much a shit about anything in the first place, so where do I end up from here?

I suppose I'm still unsure if I want to work on the things I want to improve, mainly because my sense of pride dictates that I don't want to post shitty works to the public...
but without doing that, of course, I can't receive feedback and it'll be a slower growth rate.
And of course, I can't improve without working on it, but I'm feeling awful when I look at what I churn out that I don't want to start anymore.

There's a nagging sense that's asking me why bother spending time and effort on something that won't impact my future in any way, so I'm having a hard time distinguishing between skills necessary for making money vs. skills I work on because I like it.
Maybe I'm a fickle individual, maybe I'm just too choosy; regardless of what it is, I've been stuck on this rift for a while now.

Well, here's some pics of Duri and waffles, sorry for complaining as usual.