Aug 26, 2014

Former pup

it seems like such a long time has passed and I realized I had a blog in utter shock and rushed to check and
see it feels like forever if I don't check the net at least 5 hrs a day

anyway updates we had a new golden retriever pup
but turns out he had a heart murmur so we drove up 3 hrs to return him
3 hrs back + 1 with traffic, straight to work then back at 9

the past 4 days were busy with looking for dog > buying dog > vet > returning dog
add work and a new coworker who takes forever and I'm slightly sleep deprived...
I'll probably use my free day Thursday to catch up on art or Vocaloid, there's 2 LIGHT&BITTER songs in the making that sound amazing I can't even explain properly

also if you know anything about trying to take pics of pups is that they don't stay still, sorry about the blur