Jul 2, 2014

parallelines Updates+Release [EDIT]

Releasing the story blog!
mentioned in June-July updates.


The layout... it's suitable for mobile reading while not shirking on PC reading. Hence stories are shorter and numerous updates over the week.
Depending on popularity, I might write faster / etc... but that's an ambitious goal at the start, maybe.

I have little knowledge of html, so I could only edit the template within the confines of the template editing, please forgive.
Note I'm a novice writer, hence eloquence and elegance leave something to be desired....

The first and current story, eXe, will be published every 4 days starting today.
Currently, the Prologue [scriptures] is up.

I hope it is entertaining, and I have many more stories planned.

Haha accidentally left it to private...
= A =;; It's set on public now, the link should be working.
sorry about that.