Jul 24, 2014

Condensing tags + etc.

I'll be condensing and revising a lot of the tags from today.
...looking back to when I first started this blog, I sure was immature...
I'd like to avoid deleting any actual posts, though.
I don't know whether condensing tags would be a good thing, but it's troublesome seeing so many useless ones. The major ones would most likely be art, food, journal and Vocaloid... or something such.
Segue, I've changed the layout of the sidebar links to conserve space, but the locations are more or less the same. I've added hover text to guide.

In other news, I have two weeks of "summer" before autumn starts again.
I'll try to be diligent on picking back up on art again.
Lately, I'm still trying to find a balance between style and substance, the eternal artist struggle.
Which is more important, I can't say, but I'd like to develop something similar to what pleases me most instead.
If you haven't noticed, I've been adopting much of the Bleach and JJBA style... I believe in guidance, but only until you've gotten good enough to find your own way.
cheesy writing aside, I've noticed I've been a bit more fluid in what I draw nowadays, I'm not so restricted as I used to be.

I'd like to expand to colour usage soon too, and maybe begin more technical-based or substance-accurate works.
I've been much better at following the latter since starting this blog last year, but I'm fairly harsh with myself in art if nothing else.
Though because I'm indecisive, I'd like to write so here as a rule for myself too.
Sorry, this is probably a repetitive thing on this blog. Promises and promises.

Jumping to a new topic, my story blog parallelines [more accurately, eXe] has been gaining a consistent 4-7 views per story release.
I write and make art for myself, so I'm extremely thankful to the returning readers. I hope my writing is bearable.
I'll be starting a new series soon too, maybe in August. I'll release a cover art with this one to commemorate.
Most likely I'll release the chapters for the upcoming every 2 days, so the continuity tries to flow easier.
I did queue up chapters for eXe until October, though. (੭•̀ᴗ•̀)੭
I think action and actual plot progression should be a point of improvement for me.

Long text / update / general post, thanks for reading so far.