Jun 30, 2014

June-July updates

It's been a while since I did a text update, and there was a few things I wanted to mention.
Well, rather, I did mention I got a part-time job, and if it's not work then it's studying or sleeping so my art / Vocaloid time has been pretty limited
I won't lie I'm dead tired when I get home and the small time I have before bed I spend playing LoveLive

In terms of L&B, we will be going on a 3-month hiatus. I'll post more info on that later on the appropriate blog, but we do have a legit reason why
which segues into the fact that maybe I act much more feminine on the L&B blog to look friendlier ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Secondly, I've started a story blog recently and will try to update that weekly.
I haven't released it yet and will make a formal post on that later, but currently it'll be optimized for mobile reading [so will be in short segments and hopefully entertaining in the meantime].
I'm making a few last-minute tweaks in the story that I'll be starting with, whether to write in first-person or third...

actually reading back on this, it seems like a pre-updates notification to an update notification in the future...?