Jun 14, 2014

Glider Drive design [wind AT]

Regalia design I had in a dream a while back.
[AT concept originally from Air Gear by Oh! Great!]

The left and right foot both have different functions, with the base supports coloured in.

The right side provides the "drive" - the push power, essentially. It has small fans that, upon feeding air, acts as turbines to propel the user forward.
The wheels have minimal turning.

The left side is the "direction" - pretty self-explanatory. The wheels are narrower, providing agility with minimal stress, allowing for sharp and sudden turns. By itself, it doesn't have much forward power, hence relies heavily either on the leg muscles / right foot.

Glider Drive rides on the wind road. I wouldn't call it a regalia per se, but more a specialized AT.
The dream started out pretty frustrating, as I was using an Earth / Rumble Regalia and couldn't unleash my full power.