May 3, 2014

Water Regalia design

Water Regalia design on the Lather Road. [originally from Air Gear by Oh! Great!]

Operates on electrolysis, the splitting of hydrogen from oxygen present in water. Essentially the AT is an electrolyser where the wheel plates and soles are stainless steel and the inner mechanisms of the wheel runs an electrical current through during riding. Hydrogen gas is then separated and collected through to the back wheel, where it is condensed into a water bubble and shot out with the oxygen by the back wheels and jumping movement.

Because of high concentration of oxygen around the bubble and high concentration of hydrogen in the bubble, the wheel sends off a "bomb" mechanism through the spark generated upon the grinding of the back wheels. They can't travel very far until the spark ignites the two-way bomb, hence the user is at risk if stationary.

The user's wheels must be in contact with water, about 50-80% submersion for maximum efficiency. Bubbles can only be shot from the back, leaving the front widely exposed. The wheels of the regalia have wide surface area for easy friction buildup to generate the detonation spark, which then the same action to build up the spark will propel them forward to avoid the damage range. This forward motion can be stopped, but this brings about a huge risk for the user to get caught in the explosion.

Power: ★★★★½
Speed: ★½☆☆☆
Jump: ★★☆☆☆
Trick: ★★★☆☆

3/5: Nanase Haruka's regalia, Burst Delphini.
Apologies for the long wait and grossly wrong chemistry, physics, and theory...