May 1, 2014

VORA samples

Yuragi.ust by ShinamiEBA
Alone.ust by AsterSelene

I downloaded VOCALINA and tested out VORA.
The first sample is through the raw program itself, and the second is basic pitch smoothing by Melodyne.
[I've never used Melodyne previously, so results sound pretty same...]

About VOCALINA program... the interface is pretty much like VOCALOID2. It's a bit more difficult to use in terms of interface and note editing. Phoneme editing is unavailable and parameter edits are incredibly pixelated and really no effect.
Otherwise, there seems to be a voice type editing [normal; powerful; smooth; natural] but the difference you can hear isn't so great. Need to set locale in Korean to hear anything.
Note timing is also odd.

About VORA... good power and clarity, but her voice has the odd crinkles and such in it, even for short notes. I think she's easier to understand in terms of language than SeeU, but there's really no competition on who's more usable.