Apr 20, 2014


"mini-hiatus" I say as I blog immediately after
[it's a copy-pasta from the VO thread]

This post is regarding a Japanese-to-Korean phoneme converter made a few years ago on the VO forum.
It's essentially a plugin file originally written by Voctro Labs, modified by Neko JD chan.
Anyway, the editor misunderstood a lot of the phonemes so I revised it some to reflect a "truer" phoneme conversion.

Download it here.

Place in the JobPlugins folder and through V3, add it under Manage Job Plugins.

Some of her phonemes will sound choppy.
- Especially the [n] phoneme - if used by itself, [np] is much more suitable.
- Same with [m] - use [mp] if in a note alone.
- You might want to edit the vowel coming before [t s u], which is [ts M] originally. The [t] takes effect a lot sooner.
- SeeU doesn't have a standalone [j], so I just made do with [u]. Edit this phoneme as seen fit with the song.
- Same with standalone [w], same solution as above.
- There's no [w o] phoneme in Korean, but I changed to [u o]. You might want to cut that note short and follow through with a longer [o] to get a proper sound.
- To suppress her Korean accent some, use the [M] instead of [u] for certain notes.

Disclaimer: I did not make the plugin, nor do I know how to make plugins in general.
I also don't claim ownership of the plugin either; it said it was modified by "Neko.JD.chan" and the original came from Voctro Labs.
But if this is allowed, I'll probably edit a plugin base from Voctro to have an Japanese->English or Korean->English.