Mar 28, 2014

Soup and cake pops

I caught a cold and decided to make soup.
Being absolutely clueless in this field I just added bouillon cube, kale, potatoes, carrots, wine, pepper, basil, onions and leek...

it was surprisingly tasty and hopefully nutritious enough to counter my McDonalds lunch

my bowls aren't big enough so I took a gifted bowl from my roommate

My roommate#2 wanted cake pops so we stopped by Kissi's again.

Personally I utterly despise paying for something I could've easily made more of at home for the same price but my roommate is pushy enough to insist convincing me of otherwise

this was red velvet with lemon...the flavour name was kinda long.

This was red velvet something or other.

Tasted pretty standard, it was dense to the point of too densely packed together with oils?