Mar 29, 2014

Melancholy Doll WIP


Composition /arrangement /lyrics: Cora
Arrangement: Lizts

Higher notes = less comprehension
There's some parts where I'd like to change the notes / lyrics, but I'm pretty musically dead.
Also it's probably a lot easier to tune with instrumentals in the background to better understand how the melody sit with the instru yet I just don't -

anyway a quick WIP in between LIGHT&BITTER projects.
Don't expect a release of this anytime soon.

You heard a shouting voice, 
a grating sound, an empty cry
You saw a spark in it, 
a promise for your sacrifice
Taking me far from there,
the loneliness, the solitude
you taught me how to sing
and how to breathe and what to do

but I became dependent on you
You, a loner, needed someone else
Our fates had knotted into one
I'm okay with it
this is how it is
I don't have a place still left to run

fect me till I'm polished, till there's nothing left at all,
let me become your ideal, from my rise until my fall
I don't care for anybody, anybody else
so it's fine for you to play with me,
just let me be your doll