Feb 14, 2014


Today is the awaited day!
Now, to reveal the composer I will be working with: Lizts!
I met Lizts though a friend who recommended his composing, and I approached him wanting to cover a song he made. After we got talking, he invited me to form a duo with him, and I am honoured to be working with such an elegant composer.

I am pleased to present to you our name, LIGHT&BITTER:

Lizts and Remo combined to produce original VOCALOID music.
With a mix of Light [Lizts] and Bitter [Remo], we hope to bring you the best of both genres.

All videos and works I do under LIGHT&BITTER will be up on the LIGHT&BITTER blog. Alternatively, I will post the art for PVs I have done here as well with the SC embed to the audio.

To follow us, head to the links provided:

Blog | YouTube | SoundCloud | NicoNico

Please be sure to subscribe to our channel[s] for updates and releases!
To celebrate our debut, we will soon be releasing a free mini-album as well.
Eventually, we plan to sell albums with all profits going towards purchasing voicebanks, and any donations are incredibly appreciated.
Thank you very much, we look forward to presenting our works to you.

Composition: Lizts
Tuning + art + PV: Remo
Lyrics: Lizts
vocal render by Laura-P

Lyrics | Art | DL

We are pleased to bring you Lizts's original, Tuesday Love Blues, re-tuned and re-mixed!
This song marks our debut as LIGHT&BITTER!