Feb 19, 2014

Cleaning / Editing

I don't browse my blog through my phone, but in looking up something today I did so and...
I'll be shifting all the formal images to center alignment and keep it that way - otherwise it's throwing off a lot of things orz
That should take a few days depending on work ethic.

I've removed some of the clutter links on the left hand side and increased the sizes.
I'm kind of getting tired of the colour scheme / general layout of the blog, so I'll be looking into making it more appealing somehow too.

And as mentioned in the previous TS post, I think I'll pause art until at least later next week. I've been feeling shitty lately so I can't give anything definite.

In LIGHT&BITTER news, we are working on the second and third song for the first mini-album. Since they're remakes of Lizts's previous songs, they're not being worked on from scratch up so it should speed things up a bit.
But I was rather surprised at the reception on Nico, since original English songs by unknown users don't garner much attention. I think we've done satisfactorily, so aiming higher now☆