Jan 14, 2014


Lately... I've been organizing my thoughts into a "thing that I want" for my future.
I'm not one of high aspirations, so something simple I can call a home where I can truly feel at ease.
Of course the perfect setting is impossible, so I know it probably won't happen as closely as I would prefer but...
I did make it to a certain neighbourhood on a run with my roommate once, and it's a shame I didn't bring my phone, but perhaps if I build enough stamina to go there again I think it'll be easier to formulate a concrete definition of the home I would want.

Why a home, I guess I can't really -
naturally, a home is where you feel at ease best, so I would like to finally get rid of that which burdens me quite often.
First I guess I should look for a job then. But at least with something small in mind I can motivate myself to keep going. I don't know why such a sentimental post and it seems kind of odd re-reading it, but lately I've been needing something to work towards.

I've noticed in my online ego that I tend to become more feminine, it's kind of...
I hope readers don't misunderstand.
But looking at my hobbies and the things I like, they seem stereotypically more "feminine."

Aside from that, if I can bring anyone a sense of "I'm glad I found this blog" or some such, I think that alone is enough to suffice. I suppose it's my duty as an artist to convey that kind of emotion in others.
At the very least, I hope bots and ad sites are happy enough.

Maybe while I'm feeling sentimental I can upload some more old arts.