Jan 30, 2014

Hirari Hirari -ENG- WIP

lyrics by Savantsean [dA]
Will credit voice renderer in full vers.

Kaai Yuki really handles English well. I suppose it's due to her airy voice and strong consonants?
But generally I think it's softer banks that hold fluidity in phoneme editing well...

I was planning on using Oliver, but I heard he's a pain to work with [and after several tests, he is a pain to work with].
I'm kind of glad I thought of Yuki now. I'll see if I can bother the owner a bit longer...

When the seasons change their flow to a spin,
When the links start to wear, slowly within,
Please, don't ever let those ties begin to tear,
Or lose them to the wind.

Weighed down by the words I could not let myself forget,
They would fill me with deep regret, when
I began to drift peacefully through a soothing fantasy,
Then awoke to discover you had disappeared.

Tying up the appearance I wanted to embrace,
Softly scattering colors of orange without a trace,
Carving pain through my heart which was now an empty space, it's

Fluttering, Fluttering, Fluttering