Dec 25, 2013

Snacks from Chicago


Some snacks I bought.
The drink is melon flavoured ramune. I don't really like them, but my bro wanted one so why not. It has a pretty chemical-y aftertaste.
The taiyaki is airy chocolate, similar to the ice cream. I couldn't find the taiyaki ice cream [which is vanilla ice cream with honey and red bean between a taiyaki shell] so I settled for this one.
The "bread" is walnut bread [호두과자]. It's kind of like taiyaki batter with red bean and a walnut in them. They're roughly the size of a donut hole.
It's one of my favourite snacks


I bought these two at another market [which I didn't know we were going to or else I would've bought a bigger bag of 건빵 for the same price goddamn it].
The left is...ah, it's a bit hard to explain. It's a shell made of rice that dissolves easily, and in it is red bean with a small center of mochi. It's very delicious, but as expected of red bean snacks, it's quite sweet.
The right is Korean hardtack [건빵] and it's one of my absolute favourites.
At the second store, I could've bought a bag the length of my arm.....

Anyway, I'll review the strawberry taiyaki separately, though I don't expect much a difference in taste from the Caplico ice cream.
damn the iphone camera is great

Merry official Christmas!
I'll upload my cover of Palette as soon as I can.