Dec 31, 2013

2013 Review

I'll start this as a yearly tradition, assuming that I continue to run this blog
not implying I'm going to stop, of course
but to keep as a conclusive list of the year and hopefully log my progress / lack of and serve as motivation.

☆Blog started on April 3, 2013 with End of the Beginning.
The even more amazing thing is that I kept this damn thing running for so long
and I made some gay ass posts WRYYYYYYY
what a blemish

Goals for 2013:
☑ Improve art, especially scenery and perspective
☑ Improve VOCALOID tuning
☑ Maintain blog and YT
☒☑ Improve Korean usage / understanding
☒☑ Work on more colour / formal works
☒ Find a future in terms of suitable job / what I want to do
☒ Achieve healthy weight and improve fitness overall

And so, for 2014:

☐ Further improve original composition in scenery and perspective
☐ Develop colour harmony and understanding in general
☐ Innovative and dynamic posing with human characters
☐ Improve VOCALOID tuning
☐ time management / diligence improvement
☐ Improve fitness
☐ Garner more attention
fuck bitches get money
Don't fuck up