Nov 24, 2013


芽夏 © Remo

Her name is written with the Chinese characters for "bud" and "summer".

Yasha's weapon is called Shensha [神殺] (lit. "God killer").

Her hair is two pigtails tied together by the standard overhead knot.'s somehow secure.

The character on her breastplate is 保 for "insurance". It's essentially a sturdy wooden clip.

Her clothes are light and airy, allowing free movement.'s somehow warm.
Shensha's blade-to-staff ratio is about 1:3.

The blade itself is forged from a creature who dared to challenge the gods.
The staff is a holy wood that's woven together with a binding spell [i.e it can piece itself together if shattered].

Overall, it holds a sun-type attribute.
It's very warm to the touch; apparently, it holds the soul of the creature.