Nov 25, 2013

Shiramiremi [シラミレミ] -translations-

I found a previous translation on YT, but I didn't really like it as much.

Composition by 36g
Lyrics by Yumisora + 36g
Vocals by Miku Append
Original upload
No copyright infringement intended.

流行の恋とかはさ 大して興味無くて
Trendy love, I've no interest in such things
言葉にすることに 意味なんてどうせ無いよ
The meaning behind words are already meaningless

月曜の9時の ありがちな展開は
The common development of Monday, 9 AM
大して興味無くて 閉じるくだらない
I close, I'm not interested*

何かが抜け落ちたまま 機械みたいに過ごしてる
Living like a machine missing a part
かさぶたみたいに乾いて 剥がれ落ちたまま
Dried like a scab and flaked off

叫ぶほどでもないのに 大層な悩みだね
I don't even have that much to cry about, yet I worry so
瞼のむこうでずっと 喜劇を演じていたいのになあ
I'd like to play the comedy playing far past my eyelids

0と1を並べて 君は何を届けたつもり
What were you trying to deliver, with 0 and 1 side-by-side
何も考えられない 何を感じろっていうの
My head is absolutely blank, what is it that you want me to feel 

霞んだ心ゆらゆら ふわり沈んで溶けていく
My confused heart sways and sinks, slowly melting    
どしゃぶりの中をうつむいて 流れ落ちた涙
Bowing my head in the heavy rain and letting my tears fall


* This part was grammatically confusing.
Actually, the entire song was grammatically confusing.