Nov 5, 2013

Fang Regalia design

Fang Regalia design on the Bloody Road. [originally from Air Gear by Oh! Great!]

Wheels are split into tri-"saw edge" pinwheel mechanisms for the fang.
The secondary "wheel" opens out from the main compartment to provide additional wind to the pinwheels.

Mechanics are similar to the Rumble Regalia in the sense of air absorption and expulsion upon braking, but the compression is through the abrupt acceleration and braking of the wheels.
This sends out a compressed air blade "fang" in the form of a strong kick.

It's powerful, but pretty strenuous on the legs, especially knees and down. Can only shoot proper fangs out from the front [shooting fangs from the back is rather difficult to control since the knee could bend too far and lead to accidentally shooting it up]. The jump ability can be amplified by shooting mini fangs downwards, giving it a boost.
Unlike the Rumble, it can't absorb air that's in the form of an attack, and can only absorb air to shoot off a fang.

Power: ★★★½☆
Speed: ★★★½☆
Jump: ★★★★☆
Trick: ★½☆☆☆

2/5: Matsuoka Rin's regalia, World End Selachii.
Haruka or Nagisa next. Rei is most likely to be last.