Oct 11, 2013

Uptown Westerville [food]

My roommate had to drop off some people and I tagged along.

We went down to Otterbein Uni and strolled around uptown area.
Naturally, I stopped by Stam Chocolaterie [I'll blog separately about that one].

The Old Bag of Nails had fried pickles?!
It tasted fucking amazing with ranch☆
For $6.99, it was 6 pieces. Not too bad, considering the taste.

they also had fried Snickers but bread pudding caught my attention more.
Not knowing what it was, I also ordered bread pudding [$3.99].

I didn't expect the scoop of ice cream, but the pudding overall was really great.
It had a faint taste of beer, which was a bonus.

My roommate wanted to make brownies in a mug and dragged me to CVS, but in the end...
we only got candy.
I felt pretty nostalgic finding these, so I bought the "Lunch Bag" set.

the pizza was the tastiest.