Oct 25, 2013

Post-Action Theory [사후작용론] -translations-

I've been meaning to translate this song for a while now.
I enjoy this song [i.e it's been on repeat for a week], so it's more for my benefit.
Some of the lyrics are really oddly worded...

Original composition + lyrics by SIN*SKI
vocals by SeeU
Original author upload
No copyright infringement intended.

기억속에 흩어져있는 그대의 사소한 흔적들도
Small traces of you scattered in my memory
언젠간 아픔이 될 걸 알기에 눈을 감고 지워보려 애써보았죠
Knowing it'll turn to pain, I close my eyes and try my best to forget them
이미 마비된 머리속엔 온통 그대의 환상뿐이라
Inside my already-paralyzed head, it's nothing but fantasies of you
간신히 이성을 붙잡고 나는 눈앞에 나의 미래를 그려보이죠
Barely holding onto reason, I try to draw my future in front of my very eyes

어릴땐 그저 멋모르고 행복했던 기억이
Now and then, the memories of when I was happy and didn't know the feelings from the past
비수가 되어 내 마음에 꽃필때 나는 말하죠
becomes a dagger in my heart and tells me when my heart blossoms

더 이상 말뿐이 아니라 내게 살아가야만 할 이유를
It's no longer just words; now it's the reason for me to live
고개를 돌리면 또 다시 나를 잃어버려야만 하는데
If I turn my neck, I'll have to get lost again
더 이상의 말은 멈추고 나를 놓지말아야 할 이유를
Stopping words again, and the reason that I shouldn't let go of
멈췄던 시간이 사라진 나는 어디에 서야만 하는데?
Where should I stand for the me who disappeared from the stopped time?*

기억속에 잊혀져버린 그대의 사소한 흔적들은
Inside my memory, the smallest traces of you that I had forgotten
내가 다시 기억해낼때까지 조용히 아무 말 없이 묻혀있어요
I'm quietly buried without a word until I remember them again
언제까지고 살아가다가 내가 그대를 잊어갈때쯤
Living on until the point where I should forget about you
흔적은 날카로운 상처가 되어 눈앞의 나의 미래를 찢어버리죠
The traces become a sharp scar and tear apart my future in front of my very eyes

기억에 안녕을 고하고 나는 이불 속에 웅크린 채로
I say goodbye to my memory and crouch in my blankets
이별을 말한건 나인데 왠지 눈물흘리는 것도 나야
I'm the one who bid farewell, but I'm also the one who's shedding tears
더 이상 말하지 못해도 내가 살아갈 의미가 없대도
Even though I can't speak any longer and I have no reason to disappear
멈췄던 시간이 나에게 서있을 자리를 내주지 않아
The stopped time doesn't give me any space to stand
그대가 있으면 아픈데 너무 아파서 눈물이 나는데
It hurts if you're here, so much so that I'll start crying
아프지 않은 나같은건 살아갈 가치가 없으니까
Things like me who doesn't feel pain has no worth in living

말하지 못해도 아프지 못해도 숨쉬지 못해도 웃지도 못해도
Even though I can't speak, even though I can't feel pain, even though I can't breathe, even though I can't smile
울지도 못해도 슬프지 못해도 기쁘지 못해도 널 보지 못해도
Even though I can't cry, even though I can't feel sad, even though I can't feel joy, even though I can't see you,
사랑하지 못해도 기억하지 못해도 행복하지 못해도 살아가지 못해도
Even though I can't love, even though I can't remember, even though I can't be happy, even though I can't live on,
상처받지 못해도 사랑받지 못해도 영원히 이대로 살아간대도
Even though I can't get hurt, even though I can't be loved, even though I'll live forever like this

안녕, 사랑하는 그대여 나는 모든것을 기억해내고
Farewell, you who I love most, I'm remembering everything
구석에 쳐박힌 흔적 속 그대의 하나하나를 찾아서
Finding every last detail of you that was shoved away in a corner
더 이상의 숨은 멈추고 나에게 잡힌 손도 놓아두고
Stopping my breathing now, and even letting go of the hand that was holding me
멈췄던 시간이 제대로 나의 눈 앞에서 움직이기 시작해
The stopped time begins to flow again properly in front of my very eyes

* I found this hard enough to word as is. Literally it's something like so:
멈췄던 시간이 사라진 나는 어디에 서야만 하는데?
The stopped time me who disappeared where should I stand to do [something]?