Oct 26, 2013

Island Home Child [섬집아기] -translations-

This is actually a lullaby.
I always thought it was distinctly sad when I heard it as a child, but I thought too deeply into the lyrics back then...
somehow I thought the child was dead and the mother rushed back but -
either way, irresponsible parenting

Anyway, MIDI here.
I plan to do a VOCALOID acapella cover of it.
No copyright infringement intended.

엄마가 섬그늘에 굴 따려 가면
When the mother goes to the island's shadow to pick oysters
아기가 혼자 남아 집을 보다가
The child is left alone, and while watching the house
바다가 불러주는 자랑 노래에
Listening to the lullaby the sea sings,
팔베고 스르르르 잠이 듭니다
the child falls asleep*

아기는 잠을 곤히 자고 있지만
The child is sleeping soundly but
갈매기 울음소리 맘이 설레어
The mother's heart put to unrest by the cries of the seagulls,
다 못찬 굴바구니 머리에 이고
she mounts the not-yet-full basket on her head
엄마는 모랫길을 달려옵니다
The mother runs home on the sandy path

* a "truer" translation would be, "The child falls asleep using his arm as a pillow"