Oct 16, 2013

Gummy Bugs

I made gummy insects kit today.
Video on how to.

The making of the kit was less harder than I thought. But if you have a streak of perfectionism, it'll take you a while...

The flavours are grape and melon. The "log water" tastes like light melon soda? without carbonation.
The gummies came out of the mold without breaking apart.

Everything is easier with a pick instead of the fork.

There was a cricket, a mantis, and a stag beetle.
I accidentally got a little grape powder in the mantis mold.

They were almost like real gummies! I found the grape flavour a bit strong, but they were tasty overall. Both kinda sweet, but they are candy.

...I want more.

Overall: 6.5/10 [higher if the powder wasn't a pain]
Last is the waffle kit.