Sep 18, 2013

Poll gadget added

I added a poll feature on the side bar.
it's an excuse to direct my blog into something that's more focused orz
but to be honest I'm not expecting votes so it's just the illusion of popularity I'm a victim to.

I've never used this before, so I might be iffy with it, but I'll see where it goes...
and try to update it as often as possible orz

I'd like to upload a sneak of something as an apology for long overdue art [formal art, I mean], but I don't like leaving a painting unfinished and resuming it later
i.e I spend it all doing it on one sitting, usually

I actually feel bad this time since I completely forgot about blogging instead of it nagging in the back of my head.
so in exchange I'll offhandedly mention what I plan to upload and the rest is in good faith:

Once Upon a December with Zekkyoukoe Taizo is finished. There's been minor edits to the WIP on SC.
paranoia -ENG- with Sonika has been finished for a while now [just awaiting art]. I botched up the mix though, so it sounds a lot less high-quality than I'd like it.

I'm also working on Love is War -ENG- with V3KAITO, in step 1 of tuning.
Telomere's First Cry -KOR- is also in tuning process with SeeU.
Both translyrics and translations are done by me, so please excuse any errors [especially in the Korean orz]

now that I spoiled it...
there's pressure to release it quickly.

Also, Our Let It Be -short- received 6 downloads so far, which surprised me quite a bit.
I guess I should branch more into UTAU, then.