Sep 1, 2013

Departures [short] -translyrics-

Since CreCrew is shutting down, I've brought the lyrics of my Departures KOR cover here.
[re-translating, so it might be slightly different than in vid]

Regarding the usage of my translyrics, please give proper credit to Remo and post as a vid response.

이젠 당신의 사랑을받을 수없네
I can't receive your love anymore
필요한 감도 모두다 없어졌고
All feelings of need are gone as well
나는 이제 또다시 이렇게 홀로 남았네
I am again left alone here

그전에 당신은 뭐라고 말 했을까?

What did you say before, I wonder?
그 닿지 못한 말이 벌써 사라졌네
The words that couldn't reach have already disappeared
오늘도 미련하게 소원을 만들께
Today too, I'll foolishly make a wish
이루어질 수없어도
Even though they can't come true

나를 제발 놓지말아줘

Please don't let go of me
손을 꼭 잡고선
Holding my hand tightly,
"당신이랑 갈께야"라고 말을해줘
please say, "I'll go with you"
내가 잡던 당신의 손이 따뜻했얻고
Your hand I held was warm
and precious