Jul 4, 2013

White Knight WIP

V3KAITO testing with White Knight KOR vers.
Lyrics by Onyang.
orz there's so many good lyrics I swear

I'm not sure if I want to use his Straight bank or Soft bank or English to remove that accent
god forbid his Whisper bank why the fuck is it not Vivid or Solid or Power
do you know how hard it is to strengthen a soft bank
a power bank can be reduced easier than a soft bank strengthened for fuck's sake
not bitter

I've finished paranoia by Sonika, so all that's left is art...

꿈이 찾아와 
Soft Memory 
하늘을 넘어서 
시간을 넘어서 
그댈 기다려왔죠 
빛, 어둠이 
Sweet Melody 
맞잡았던 손에 
그대의 따스함은 
머지않아 식겠죠 
Don't wake me up 
Don't say goodbye 
아직도 난 그대의 꿈을 꾸고 있는걸요 
Just call my name 
Just for tonight 
해가 뜨면 분명 그대는 사라지겠죠 
My White Knight