Jul 28, 2013

7.28.13 Hwan Yusa

Hwan Yusa [환유사] © Remo

An OC for a dA group a few months back.
hence the anatomy is off

In hindsight, I think I put too much of myself into Yusa orz
I've never RP-ed before

In terms of updates, I have finals and move-out and move-in and classes starting again, so you can imagine my schedule
also, good friends don't make good roommates

For brighter news, I hit 2k viewcounts a few days back, much appreciated.
I also enabled google search to find my blog, so maybe that helps

I'll try to update soon, but my parents disapprove of art and Vocaloid and essentially everything I spend my free time doing hence
don't expect anything in 3 weeks orz