Jun 13, 2013

Witch Witch Neru Neru

 Today is Witch Witch Neru Neru, and a video on how it's done can be viewed here.

Cola flavour! The smell is great.
The first three steps are the same as Nerunerunerune, but you add a sour and bubbly powder afterwards.

The taste before the sour+bubbly was pretty good, I really enjoyed it.
After adding in the sour powder, there was an almost spicy aftertaste? I didn't like it as much afterwards, but it's still something I'll eat gladly.

The hard candies taste the same as the ones in Nerunerunerune, maybe stronger? [bonus star shapes]
I like these a lot.

I'd rate Nerunerunerune 9/10, and this one a 7/10.