Jun 10, 2013

Shit image quality

As I mentioned before, the pictures show up incredibly low-qual so
after googling the solutions and solutions, my options are either:
1. change to tumblr or wordpress or FC2
2. vastly reduce the sizes of my images
3. change blog template

The trouble is,:
1. I don't want people to reblog my works [hence somewhere along the line losing credit or some other mess], and too lazy to move
2. too troublesome...
3. fuck HTML, too long [and I have minimal exp with it orz]

= A =;;
I'll try to experiment with all options so apologies for the inconvenience as I sort things out
I'll make a new post when I reach a suitable conclusion
which at the moment seems like #2 orz

∑(°Д °;;;;)
I just realized
the only "high res" photos are the food
this is a fucking art blog what am I doing