May 14, 2013

Sketchpan / twitter

my account
It's a Korean drawr, essentially.
I signed up for drawr too, but either my tablet or something lags so I abandoned it right away orz ...
The link is also on the side bar along with my other account links.

As you know from the post right before
apparently I didn't do a saving thing right and I'm actually angrier than I thought
shit took an hour yo I'm pissed

But practicing on scenery from imagination I have no imagination
also hoping to work more in colour / try new styles

speaking of rage though this shit still hasn't arrived
"this shit" as in the 2 ft. metoo

I forgot to mention it since irrelevant but
dunno if you want to contact via twitter, my account is @dotremo
I don't post anything interesting except soliloquies but if you're into that I guess