May 21, 2013


It's been roughly 1.5 months and wow a lot of views
my next goal is getting followers but how do
I've added a header image [which is actually still a WIP orz but it's one of the many collective perspective studies I'm working on] and changed my stationary image.
I mess with the link colours often, sorry. I can't settle for one since I get bored ㅎㅅㅎ;;/

In regards to my blog title, elektroniks, it's actually a reference to this song.
In terms of purpose...

Also I haven't been drawing as frequently because I have a paper due Friday and no
And I have things due for my design internship
design internship as in they just want a free artist

But in terms of where my life is going
I think I can relate to this chapter orz
though Yama and I have many differences orz
If you're familiar with the author then you know it'll probably be soul-crushing depressing