Apr 17, 2013

Translyrics WIP list

SeeU is my favourite Vocaloid because Korea
She has fairly good pronunciation, and her phoneme editing is very flexible [through note properties though].
Anyway this post is a WIP list for Korean covers of songs I'm in the process of translating
and hopefully by making it public I'll have some inspiration to finish them

1. Love is War - classic is classic but I'm really tired of hearing Cover-P's .vsq be slapped onto new voices and churned out

2. +REVERSE - Almost done with translyrics, but what is tuning. Inspired by kyaami's cover.

3. Caught in an Endless Rain - Scarfu's original song that's quite catchy. It's not too difficult, but...

4. Lost One's Weeping - Also a victim of the lyrics, but I'm not too confident about translating this one.

5. Masked bitcH - When I find lyrics in Kanji it's almost a habit to translate them to Korean why

6. Remote Control - In relations to my username / name, but since it's a duet I'm kind of

7. Island's Child - A lullaby I heard as a child. Somehow, the lyrics seemed really sad... and now it just sounds wrong when I hear anyone else sing it than my mum


Process of translyrics -
1. Find original lyrics in Kanji
2. Paste and convert to Korean via Google Translate
3. Find translation of original in English
4. Grammar and word editing while cross-referencing to #3.
5. Fitting in the notes and repeating #4 if it doesn't

then afterwards it's on to tuning and mixing and drawing a picture orz
so this process usually takes too long for me to finish orz