Apr 16, 2013

Toilet Candy - Moko Moko Mokolette

 My Moko Moko Mokolette [Toilet candy] arrived today.
I'm uncontrollably excited.

$9.xx with shipping and handling.
Upon opening package, I was pleasantly pleased to see that I didn't receive a pink one.
After Fleur and tofu I just lost heart at manliness

It comes with Cola packet, Soda packet, stickers, straw, and the toilet body.

It's surprisingly stable upon complete assembly. Very nice quality plastic, I think.
 It's actually a perfect fit with the lid on but Fleur fits nicely in the body and the tank too.

screw those tacky stickers bro

 I tried soda flavour first, and it takes a long time for it to fizzle...

and I got impatient and stirred it and holy shit not a good idea because it overflows quickly
It's surprisingly sour!

I removed the top part since the powder got stuck along the sides.
I ate the cola flavour like this and it's shocking just how much it foams up
in the pic it's just less than half the powder and still foaming

It's kind of like drinking the cola fizz on regular coke / cream soda except sour orz

Overall, I really enjoyed it. Too bad it costs so much, or I'll buy a collection's worth....