Apr 15, 2013

Food / Candy channels

Going through my YT list I don't actually follow that many orz
Also not in any particular order.

1. Mosogourmet - She does candies and occasional recipes. Fairly easy to make, but some ingredients aren't easily available in the U.S, I think. Her foods are cute and decorated although I don't think some go together well, like plain carrots on rice. More focus on cute than taste, maybe.

2. Ochikeron - Easy-to-follow recipes with ingredients that are easily available. They also turn out cute without much effort. Much more practical and the channel to go to if you want to make it successfully without hassle.

3. bonobos25 - Cute, but more the effort on looks than taste. Again, not very practical but. The paper crafts are nice to look at, too.

4. Studio Lorien - They do candies and some Japanese culture. Father + Daughter combo! are pretty energetic.

5. decocookie - Candies and the occasional recipe. More tabletop focused you literally never see her use an oven, only microwave. Pretty creative in terms of what she makes.

6. Cooking with Dog - Recently followed, so I don't know too much. I can't take the narrator seriously and it's a bit more formal than all the ones above, so the videos seem to pass slower. More or less Asian ingredients, but some can be easily found.

7. MarimoMarshmallow - Candy blog with stuffed animals in the end. He's very cautious and neat, so it's kind of relaxing to watch for someone like me who is a half-perfectionist if I wasn't lazy