Apr 28, 2013

Butter rice

I was surprised to see that Shinya Shokudo was adapted into a live-action drama.
Now that I'm living off-campus, I'm having to cook on my own, and it just so happens to catch my interest.

There are reprints on YT until the second season, which can be watched here. Alternatively, the first season is up on that site as well.
Because my spring semester is over in a few days, I've been running low on ingredients actually for a month now
so the only food I could make without trouble was butter rice [with soy sauce].
...my first reaction was, 'Butter doesn't go with rice unless it's fried rice...'
and I don't like oily / fatty foods much...but:

- Warm rice
- Butter [unsalted]
- Soy sauce
Scoop rice into bowl and cut about half a tablespoon of butter.
Allow it to melt completely.
Drizzle a teaspoon [or less] and mix well.
Too much soy sauce covers up the buttery taste, and it's also unhealthy because too much sodium.

Anyway, it tasted surprisingly delicious. It makes a quick midnight snack.
I haven't pictures because it's just a simple dish...
I'll try other recipes featured in the show, depending on availability.
I'm desperately wanting to try nekomanma because it's also simple.
I'll be trying katsudon when I get the ingredients soon.

On a lighter note, my 8 packs of Trident gum is down to 3.
My watermelon gum isn't faring well at 2 packs left either.
If I smoked, I'd surely die quickly.